About WhiskIt

WhiskIt is a unique, community driven marketplace dedicated entirely to desserts and dessert lovers.

It is a platform where people come together to buy and sell delicious desserts which cannot be found on the shelf, in a bakery. It connects you with talented bakers, home-bakers, chocolatiers, cake artists etc. in your city.


We understand that different people have different sweet cravings. So we curated a marketplace of delicious desserts powered by a vibrant community of talented dessert makers. So the next time you are longing for some melt-in-your mouth cheesecakes or the most delectable donuts, WhiskIt desserts are just a couple of clicks away!


Imagine hiring your very own pastry chef!!! Well, we just made it happen. From big time bakeries to professional home-bakers or creative chocolatiers to anyone who makes anything sweet, we have got everyone to setup shop on WhiskIt. So even if there is a slightest chance that you don’t find any desserts that entices your sweet tooth enough, you can always hire a professional dessert maker to make exactly what you want.


WhiskIt at its heart is a community of dessert lovers and dessert makers. Follow your favorite shops or artists. Connect with people of similar interests. Share your views, recipes and techniques with fellow connoisseurs and bakers!

Subscription boxes

Every month we curate a beautifully designed box of sweet surprises. With the most indulgent desserts and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight the lucky recipient - be it you or a friend. Gift boxes, cookie boxes or bread baskets we have got lots of fancy stuff lined up!


Find out all about BakeOffs, baking classes, carnivals etc. related to desserts and bakes. Participate in WhiskIt events and climb up the rankings.