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Be a part of the vibrant community of dessert lovers and dessert makers. Collaborate with people of similar interests. Share your views, recipes and techniques with fellow bakers!


Showcase your talent and creations on the largest marketplace for artisan desserts. Stock up your shop with your delicious creations and let people drool over them.

More Money

Earn money by turning your hobby/passion into a business. Listing on WhiskIt is free and you can add any number of products to your shop. We only charge a small percentage when you make a sale.


Go beyond your 'neighbourhood Dessert Queen' title and reach out to a larger audience. Connect with the most distinguished dessert connoisseurs from all over the country and BUILD YOUR BRAND.


No more to and fro emails for eliciting client requirement or sending images of your creations. WhiskIt has clubbed together everything under one platform. So it's super slick and convenient for the consumer as well as shop owner.


Collect feedback from users in the form of reviews and comments. Interact with your patrons and understand their likes and dislikes.